Q: What kind and source of meat and chicken used in Tawouk and, is it fresh and slaughter by halal way?

A:The Source of chicken and meat is from local and international companies who are approved and licensed by the authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and both chicken and meat are slaughtered in accordance to Islamic rituals

Q: Is there extra surcharge for home delivery service?

A: Yes, only 4 Saudi Riyals.

Q: Is there a minimum charge for home delivery orders?

A: Yes, the minimum charge for the delivery orders is 25 SR.

Q: What are the branches that contain a family section and kid’s games?

A: Please visit the Locations page.

Q: Is the calling for 920006999 free?

A: No, it’s not free but very nominal cost.

Q: How many minutes kudu close the stores before the prayer?

A: 15 minutes before prayer time.

Q: Do you have Qetaf service and in which stores?

A: This service is currently not available.